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Atlantic City Male Strip Clubs

   I recently decided that for my sister’s bachelorette party I would do something totally fun and crazy. I looked into going to one of the Atlantic City male strip clubs. Now keep in mind I am twelve years older then my baby sister and never really went out with her on any level so this would be kind of different. When I did my research of male strip clubs in Atlantic City I was surprised that they had these events in one of the casinos. Now keep in mind I am a conservative accountant and mother of three and thirty six years old. My sister in twenty four and at her bachelorette party  so I could not screw this up on any level. I grew up in the eighties and her and me totally on different eras. When we first arrived in the show I could tell my sister felt a little weird with me around. But after a couple of drinks she totally loosened up. We had a totally great time. As funny as it may seem going to the Atlantic City male strip clubs made us a lot closer in some weird way. The fact that I never went out with my sister and her friends who I use to babysit to see them at this male strip club in Atlantic City letting there hair down was a great feeling for me that my night was a smashing success. When I seen them at the wedding the vowed at least once a year all the girls have to go to one of the Atlantic City male strip clubs as our new yearly tradition. I guess I am now one of the girls and at least for now feel young again.


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